First Post

Great leaders model what they expect from those they lead. I believe that teachers of writing should be writers. Although I am no longer a teacher of writers (not K-12 students, anyway), I am a teacher of teachers of writers.

As I worked with teachers today, we spent much time in reflection and discussion over the NCTE Beliefs about the Teaching of Writing,  we discussed the idea that teachers of writing must be writers. This is a really nice idea, but how do teachers have time? 

I don’t really have an answer for that – but I know that if I want my teachers to write, I need to  write. So here I am….


About kskeeters

Grateful wife, adoring mother, dedicated educator, life-long learner. @keriskeeters
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2 Responses to First Post

  1. Zach Handing says:


    Actually, I have a question. I’ve always wondered if ending a sentence with an ellipsis still requires you to include a period. What’s the verdict?

    • kskeeters says:

      Luckily I’m not writing this for your entertainment.

      The answer to your question is there is no real answer. The rules on the use of ellipses are in regard to the inclusion of quotes – and even those are not hard and fast rules.

      I love grammar, especially now, because the rules keep changing (and in many things we’re able to make up our own!).

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