Keeping the Faith

A few weeks ago, I decided to join the Get One Word movement. I was intrigued by the idea of choosing just one word to keep at the core of my focus for the year. For several reasons, both personal and professional, I decided that Faith would be my one word for this year. Professionally, I find it difficult to have or to keep faith – in the system, in my colleagues, in the effort that is required of me. Lately, I have found it difficult to remain positive. So, I committed to this word and to having faith – in the system, in my colleagues and in the effort that is required of me.

Right now I feel like so much of what surrounds education is negative, and that everyone else (meaning those who aren’t directly involved in public education) think they know that we aren’t doing our jobs effectively, that we don’t care, and that they know better. Some days it’s tough to keep the faith.

Today wasn’t one of those days. Today I was privileged to be present as third grade teachers came together to learn more about their craft. They allowed an outside coach into their conversations and into their classrooms to help them stretch and grow.  I was so impressed as I listened to them push each other’s thinking – questioning what they can do to make their instruction better – the very best that it can be for students. It was awesome.

It’s times like this, or like on S


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2 Responses to Keeping the Faith

  1. glorybug says:

    In many ways, I understand your position. What a privilege to be able to share time and practices with those you respect! You are going to be successful…… but you may not know it for years. That’s when you know that the negativity lost, and the positives won. I felt like a failure so often in the classroom, but I am so proud of former students (like you) who are caring, compassionate, talented, hard working people, and who are making a difference. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! I have faith in you!

  2. Laurie Birkenmeier says:

    I love the idea of the One Word Movement! I need to look into that for myself and our school. You have chosen a powerful word, Keri. I often find myself struggling in keeping the faith when I become overwhelmed by the elements in our system and society that are beyond my control. It truly pains me when these elements impact our kids. Having faith and remaining positive are within our control. It sounds to me like you are, “Keeping the Faith”. 🙂

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