Day 2 of 100 – Rediscovering My Voice

Here is my attempt at Day 2 of this 100 words/100 days challenge.

Yesterday I participated in Day 1, but I ended up putting it in the trash after I published it.  I read and reread before publishing,  but it wasn’t until after a while that I realized I said things that I didn’t fully mean or believe.  The sentiment was there,  but it wasn’t really what I wanted to say. 

I’ve been trying this blogging thing, and it has been very challenging.  As I’ve reflected on my recent writing experiences, I have come to realize that I feel like I have sort of lost my writing voice.

I thought about this a lot today and I can’t even pinpoint when this loss may have occurred.  I do know that I can remember the last time I felt like I had that voice.  It was in 8th grade when I wrote a poem for English (which my teacher at the time accused me of plagarizing because it was “too good”). That was the last time I remember writing with freedom and voice. Since then my writing has been formal essays and papers (dissertations!) – not types of wiring in which I felt free to explore voice.

Now that I have the opportunity and freedom (and the challenge!), I struggle to find my voice… my real voice.  The one that expresses my thoughts and feelings just so.

So maybe that should be my first goal – to rediscover my voice – and to worry later about contributing pearls of wisdom to the education community to which I belong.


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Grateful wife, adoring mother, dedicated educator, life-long learner. @keriskeeters
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2 Responses to Day 2 of 100 – Rediscovering My Voice

  1. glorybug says:

    Hi, I share some of your writing hesitation….. and I taught writing for years. I, too, have a blog and when I make myself settle down and type, then I really enjoy it, and my “voice” just seems to take over. My problem is taking the time to do it. You can check it out at glory My mind is filled constantly with ideas and thoughts and precise wordings…. yet, it doesn’t seem to come out of my fingers. But I know you can do this, Keri!! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Laurie Birkenmeier says:

    Keri-I completely understand! Your reflection on the loss of your “writing voice” is nearly identical to the feedback one of my teachers gave me regarding my blog. I also find it hard to express my own opinions and find it far easier to write in a technical manner. I wonder if this is the pressure of politics or years of having to write in this manner? Great post!

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