Why I Love Being an Educator

Full disclosure: The reason I love being an educator is 100% selfish.

I love to learn.

I have always loved to learn – it’s just part of my DNA. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life, I honestly did not see myself as a teacher. I just didn’t think that I had what it takes. It was my high school English teachers who gave me the nudge I needed to pursue that path in life. And now here I am.

I love being an educator because the learning never stops. As a teacher, I was learning every single day with my students (although I have to admit that it took me a little while to admit that to myself….I thought I had to know everything…I quickly learned otherwise!). I enjoyed pursuing questions of character motive or author’s purpose in texts with my students, and I loved that each class uncovered a perspective I had not yet considered. We learned together.

Teacher - Learner

Now that I am out of the classroom, my learning continues. I learn with and from the teachers in my district as we work together to develop curriculum that meets the diverse needs of students as well as prepares them for a future that is quite unknown. I learn by attending workshops and conferences (among my favorites is edcampstl) and by attending meetings with my @LARC_STL PLN. Twitter has transformed my personal and professional learning. On a daily basis I learn from my @MOedchat family as well as the many other education communities who have allowed me to enter conversations with them and have helped me to grow.

I love being an educator because I love learning. I love being part of a community of learners – children or adults. I love that Twitter has allowed me to connect with other educators who have the same passion for learning – and who will challenge me to keep learning and trying new things.


About kskeeters

Grateful wife, adoring mother, dedicated educator, life-long learner. @keriskeeters
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2 Responses to Why I Love Being an Educator

  1. You are never too old to learn. We aren’t as effective as teachers if we aren’t willing to learn & try new things once in awhile. I think it’s refreshing when we remind ourselves that we don’t need to be the expert at everything. There’s always someone else that knows more, and can help us get there. 🙂

  2. Laurie Birkenmeier says:

    Your love of learning is certainly critical for personal growth as well as the growth of our kids–I truly believe our learning is transformative. The learning of educators is the catalyst for change in our schools/districts and ensures that our kids foster a love of learning. Selfish? Maybe, but also essential. :). Thanks for being a lead learner, Keri, and for sharing your message!

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