#CelebrateMonday 11.16.15

Welcome to Monday!

We’ve made it, we’re here today! It’s a privilege some weren’t afforded. So live today accordingly!

My Monday didn’t start off great this morning. First thing this morning I received an unpleasant text message. I made me feel really bad – and I began to analyze my own actions that led to this text and to carefully consider my response. When things like that happen, I can tend to over-analyze the situation which causes me to feel worse and worse – and keeps me from moving forward.

I received this text message about the time I began to consider my #CelebrateMonday message of gratitude (weekly emails I’ve been sending through November). Looking for inspiration (how was I ever going to compose this #CelebrateMonday message when I felt so down??), I hopped on Twitter, and I saw the above tweet from Gregg Masters (@GreggMasters).

I have a choice today – I can choose to allow the unpleasantness of others and their actions impact my entire day and week, or I can choose to celebrate the fact that I am here today, and that I have the opportunity to do something positive. I choose the latter.


Sometimes things happen (like an unpleasant text message) that hurt us, and it becomes difficult see any reason for gratitude. But if we dig (sometimes really deep!), we can find reasons to be grateful. I #CelebrateMonday today by being grateful for that text message – for a few different reasons:

1).  I am grateful that, despite the fact that it really upset me, I can truly see that it will be best for me in the long run

2). I am grateful that the hurt I felt from the text message is a reminder that I am here (a privilege that others do not have today), and that I need to live accordingly!

3). I am grateful for my PLN of positive, encouraging thinkers, who without even knowing it, helped me move forward today!


I hope that no matter what happens in your day and week ahead, you are able to lean on your PLN (personal/professional learning network) for encouragement and that you are able to find reasons to be grateful!


About kskeeters

Grateful wife, adoring mother, dedicated educator, life-long learner. @keriskeeters
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One Response to #CelebrateMonday 11.16.15

  1. I am grateful for people like you who put themselves out there and give lots of positive reminders to the rest of us! (And I am grateful the rain is today and did not spoil a beautiful weekend!)

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